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In Prayer and/or Financially:

    In Prayer

    • That we would be able to soon and safely return to Haiti to acquire the needed information to start the Scholarship Program.
    • For the success of our pilot sustainable fish program. More specifically Lemon is able to get through the first grow season with more than enough to support his family and start another grow cycle. That we would be also be able to use this program to support other qualified farmers.
    • That we would be able to raise the funds necessary to send a container full of fish food to cover the shortage in the area.
    • Raising of funds for construction of the roof of the school in Gonaives.

        • Give to our Scholarship Program that supports children who are in a situation where higher education is an unattainable dream.

        • We are currently raising funds to send a container of fish food that is in extreme demand. We are expected to sell this container upon arrival quickly. The profits from the selling of the fish food will be used to send an additional container and start 2 other sustainable projects. The cost covering the container with 800 bags of fish food, shipping, and receiving will be near $20,000.

        • Give to finishing the roof of the School/Church building that will be serving the community of Gonaives. Estimated cost is $10,000.

        • Many translated Creole Bibles are done so incorrectly. Many Pastor’s resort to using a French translated Bible due to this. This mean that many Haitians who pick up a Bible are not able to understand it. We would love to pass out as many correctly translated Creole Bibles as we can. If you would like to join us in this mission they are $9 a piece.